Colours and Wicca – Candle Magic and Other Attributes

Some Wiccans say that it is possible to do magic, cast spells and do energy work even when you’re standing in a queue to pick up your evening newspaper. In fact, there are certain practitioners who do not need (or let me put it this way – choose not to) a backdrop and attributes in order to do magic.

From the other point of view the Universe or the Goddess and the God like symbolic gestures and many Wiccans find that using symbols and attributes works better.



One of the strongest magical attributes is the colour. The colour says so much – it helps to express our mood, express an intent, apply a thought. And in the end, it is the thought that materializes and makes the magic work.

The easiest way to add colours to our spells is to use a corresponding candle. Each colour represents a certain aspect of life. It is not a rule, though. Firstly, you have to ask your intuition. If you feel you must use a green candle for your work, disregard this list and do what you wish.

For reference, candle colours and their magic attributes are:

  • Green – used in fertility and money spells;
  • Red – is an attribute of strength and power;
  • Blue – used in majority of health spells and energy working, will calm you down;
  • Yellow – light -> idea -> knowledge. Used in Sun spells and to dispel the depression;
  • Purple or Maroon – approach with caution, use in love spells and to attract passion;
  • Orange – stimulates and attracts, can be used in luck spells;
  • Brown – another earthy colour, hence its use in money spells, good for household and family workings;
  • Silver – ideal for all activities involving the Moon and the Lady;
  • Gold – represents the Sun, the God, masculine power;
  • White – white candles are good for cleansing, it represents the Spirit or the Aether and is the beginning of everything;
  • Black – it is not uncommon to use black candles and it is not fair to associate black with negativity and evil. Black is the lack of colour it is a void, hence you can use black candles to dispel and get rid of something unwanted. It is perfect to clean space (in your life, in your head) for something new and fresh!

If you use Wiccan elements in your magic, the following table might help you. You can place a candle for each quarter (North, East, South, West) as you cast the circle or keep a candle of certain colour on your altar (e.g. money spells -> element of Earth -> green candle).

Wicca Element Your Zodiac Quarter Colour
Air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius East Yellow
Fire Aries, Leo, Sagittarius South all variations of Red
Water Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces West Blue
Earth Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn North Green, Brown
Aether White

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