Eliminate Green House Effect

Did you know that you are able to eliminate the green house effect? It is true. There are certain little things we all can do to improve the environment and fight the greenhouse effect.

  • Always unplug an unused charger or adapter. It generates unwanted heat and uses energy even if it does not charge anything.
  • Always switch off the TV using the button on its front. Do not leave the little red light on. The red light accounts for using a lot of energy. If everyone in the world would switch off the TV, we could lighten up a city like Manchester for a whole month.
  • When you prepare to warm up the water for your tea, pour into your kettle only the amount of water you plan to drink. Do not warm excess water.
  • Take care about your plumbing. A small leak can waste a cubic meter of water in a month drop by drop.
  • Shop smarter. Buy food in large packages. They take fewer resources to be made.
  • Do not put warm or hot stuff in your fridge. Wait until it cools off naturally.

These are simple things to do. And we can eliminate greenhouse effect together!

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