How to Become a Wiccan

Often, when people find out about my spirituality, I get asked: how to become a wiccan or what to do to become a wiccan. Funnily enough there is no straight answer to that. Fellow Wicca practitioners will find they sometimes feel similar way. Becoming someone who gets referred to as a wiccan is a very personal path and it is a life-long learning curve. I have never thought of Wicca as a form of religion, and there are no written rules to obey. To become a wiccan, you have to learn to appreciate the Nature, all living creatures, and what’s even more important – yourself.

You will have to develop an all-new attitude towards yourself. You will have to see yourself as a miracle of creation, capable of all good deeds possible. I have heard many people talking about the importance of finding harmony. Unfortunately, one cannot find the true state of harmony without first appreciating himself (herself) as a source of positive energy.

You will have to learn to be thankful. Not humble, thankful. For the air you breathe, for the sun that shines, for a flower that blossoms, for people you meet. It is all a very special gift from the Universe. You are an important part of it, so be thankful.

So, is it hard to become a wiccan? Quite so. It is not easy to change the way of thinking. However, it is a very rewarding path because it attracts all good things to you.

Attracts, did I say? Well if you ask about the laws and rules, here is one: Law of attraction. It is not a law as such, because there will be no policemen to watch you and no judges to judge you. As there are laws of physics they teach you at school, there are laws of universe that unfortunately are left out of the National curriculum. All deeds good or bad, all thoughts good or bad will come true and come back to its source (you). Don’t see it as a punishment, though. There is no need to punish or criticise anyone. The law of attraction is just a reminder that positivity attracts positivity and negativity respectively attracts negativity. You are always given a choice and lucky you if you choose the positive thoughts, deeds, attitude etc. All this positive thinking that gets such a big hype from motivational psychologists, it’s just a simple law of attraction.

Wicca practitioners worship the Goddess and the God. Also all living things have a spirit, which has to be respected as it is a part of the Universe. There are no written religious texts or ready-made prayers in Wicca. It would be wrong to have these. Why would a certain person be in a position to speak on behalf of the Goddess and the God? We are all different. That’s why a tailor-made spirituality would turn into a set of limiting dogmas – it would suit one while leaving other people disappointed. We need to find our own path to spirituality, calmness and harmony.

Why there are two main deities in Wicca? Because the world is dual. There is day and night, light and darkness, man and woman. One couldn’t exist without another. Remove one thing from a pair and you lose the balance, lose the harmony. If you now feel puzzled, think about the way you were created and entered this world. Why would you ever think that the Universe had been created by a single source of energy?

Technically, you don’t have to do anything specific to become a wiccan. It just happens naturally. You don’t need to be officially initiated, you don’t have to join a group or coven (though you might wish to do that and it is just fine… your choice). I am a solitary wiccan, which means someone who is not a member of a coven. However, I love to communicate with other people. It works for me to be solitary, it is my choice, yours may be different.

For those who refer to Harry Potter books to speak about Wicca I can say that you won’t fly on a besom and you won’t walk in a robe and stars-spangled hat turning all things into gold once you become a wiccan. Not because you wouldn’t be able to. Because you won’t feel a need for such ostentatious acts. Majority of Wicca practitioners do not dress up to identify themselves. I, for example, live in a big city, wear casual clothes and the only thing that may possibly reveal my spirituality is a silver ring with ancient inscriptions. And not because I’m hiding. It’s all within me. It was the way of thinking that made me a wiccan not clothes.

How to become a wiccan? Learn a lot. Learn to love other living things, learn to love yourself, get rid of negative thoughts and you will find yourself at the beginning of a very exciting path.

I would love to hear your comments. What was your experience of becoming a wiccan like?

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