Relax! Tips and Exercises of Unwind your Body



Strained muscles lead us to all sorts of problems both physical and emotional. Stony posture prevents the bloodstream from doing its work properly, it affects the nervous system and contributes to fatigue.

Stiffness also blocks the chakras (energy channels), which prevents you from having a clear mind till the evening and can build up to health trouble.

People who keep their necks stiff suffer from headaches and hair loss. Don’t believe me? Look at the snooker players. Unfortunately, none of them manages to keep healthy hair.

It just takes a control system to maintain a relaxed body during the day. Create a habit of asking yourself “am I relaxed” a couple of times during the day. Have short breaks regularly, take a short walk outside your office or simply get your bum off the chair and stretch yourself.

Jelly Dummy

If you can find a solitary place, go and do the “jelly dummy” a couple of times a day. Stand up, relax your muscles and pretend you’re made of raspberry jelly and put on a vibrating plate.

Another good short exercise for relaxing your neck is to raise your shoulders (try to reach your ears with your shoulders), pull them backwards (like an eagle who is about to fly) and drop the shoulders down suddenly.

Eyes need relaxation too, especially if you’re working them to the limit. A couple of times a day, lean your elbows on the table, make “cups” from your palms and cover your eyes with the palms. Don’t shut your eyes, just enjoy the darkness and think about something pleasant for a couple of minutes.

Relax Before you Sleep

Usually you come home stressed and stone-stiff and just go to sleep that way. In the morning you wake up without the relieving sensation of rest.

Before you doze off, lie on your back and start relaxing your muscles from feet upwards right to your scalp. Just pay attention to different groups of muscles, strain them a little (not too strong) and relax them, strain a little again, and relax again: your feet, your legs, stomach, back, chest, neck, face, scalp.

Each muscle should be relaxed and prepared for the sleep. This way you will get much more out of your night rest and be happier as you start your day.

Mind you hands. If you keep your palms closed in fists as you wake up or during the day, it is a sure sign you need some relaxation exercises. Just experiment different light exercises to find out what works best for you. Control your posture and especially neck during the day and relax immediately if you notice stiffness.

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