Casting a Circle – Wicca Spells Basics

Wicca is very liberal and allows its practitioners experimenting and adding new knowledge to the lore of our ancestors. However, when it comes to the basics, there is no need to re-invent the wheel. It is much better to use Wicca techniques that are proven to be working. One of those techniques is casting a circle before spells, divination sessions and energy workings.

All the rituals Wiccans perform are not just showing off. Solitary Wicca practitioners perform similar rituals even though nobody is watching and the purpose of rituals is safety, concentration and binding of the result.

Before performing a spell or a simple energy working, it is necessary to cast a circle. Casting a circle the proper way will help you:

  • to keep the negative energy and evil spirits at bay. If your intentions are good and you approach the Nature with love, there is no way an evil spirit can enter your circle.
  • to create a space where you won’t be disturbed by your own thoughts. A space where you can concentrate on what you are about to achieve
  • to direct your energy (read – make your thoughts materialize – because that’s what magick is all about). To create a concentrated flow of energy and direct it into the informational system of the Universe.

In other words, casting a circle ensures you achieve the result faster and do it safer.

Casting a circle – How-to

There are several ways to cast a circle in Wicca. As the time passes, you will probably find your own way. For the starters you can use this method of casting a circle:

  • Locate all four quarters – North, East, South, West. That’s where a compass comes to help.
  • Starting from the North, face each direction, make a bow and say: “I cast this circle in the name of love and light, may it guide me and protect me from unwanted spirits!” You can say anything else that feels alright and bears similar meaning.
  • Now that you have repeated it four times, face the North again, point with your sceptre at the earth (not touching the surface), imagine yourself being the centre of your circle and cast the circle by turning deosil (clockwise) three times. You can point with a bare hand or any other attribute if you don’t use a sceptre.
  • Feel how the energy rises from the imaginary circle line you have cast. Now you are safe to perform your Wicca spell or ceremony.
  • When you have finished with your spell, you need to open the circle again. Leaving it closed means wasting the energy both yours and that of the Earth. For opening a cast circle, face the North again, thank the spirits for assisting you and turn widdershins (counter-clockwise) three times by pointing your sceptre or hand to the imaginary circle line.

Casting a circle is very important for Wicca practitioners. You are very recommended to do it each time you work on a Wicca spell or energy. Some Wiccans do cast a circle for divination and dowsing too. Keep yourself safe.

More Space in a Circle

If you require more space for your Wicca workings, you can have a circle as big as you need. Mark the centre with an object of your choice and just walk the circle three times. You may also mark the quarters: North, East, South and West with objects that represent the direction. Refer to Wicca Elements for that. Many Wiccans like to mark the quarters because it allows them to better imagine the circle.

There are different methods of casting a circle for Wicca Covens. If the working involves several Wiccans, you can either:

  • let the priestess or the priest cast the circle.
  • join your hands and whilst one member of the Coven remains on the centre, others move forming an improvised clock hand.
  • if there are many Wiccans taking part and they can form a circle by joining hands, it gives you another method of casting a circle – an old method. A similar pattern was known in several European folklore traditions, especially those of Northern Europe. This old magick has lived through millennia and now remains in many folk dance patterns. Technically, the Coven members walk the circle in a manner that each Wiccan walks full three rounds from North to North, usually facing the centre of the circle.

These were just a few methods of casting a circle in Wicca. What method do you use in your Coven or solitary Wicca practice? Please add your comments.

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