Why do We Judge?

Why do we judge

Why do we judge

Many of us seem to have an opinion on everything and everyone. How many times have you jumped at conclusions while watching the news or discussing other people with your friends?

And what about your inner dialogue? If you listen to your thoughts you might find that many times during the day you judge people based on their appearance and other irrelevant features. And not only other people – more often we become victims of our own judging or self-criticism, as they call it.

Judging others is a way of projecting our own faults on others in order to make ourselves look better or superior in comparison. Do you see where I’m going? By saying: “I think John is stupid” you are subconsciously saying: “I am not clever enough and if I can make John appear more stupid, that will make me feel better.”

The more you learn to love and accept yourself the less you see the faults of others.

The thing about judging is that there is no such thing as totally bad or completely perfect people. We are all on different paths of life school. You cannot judge another person because he is currently learning another lesson – not the one that you are learning. And you don’t know what goals or tasks he has to accomplish.

Next time you want to judge somebody, say to yourself: “I’m accepting him as he is.” and check if the subject of the judgement (stubbornness, untidiness etc.) doesn’t somehow apply to you.

However, be careful with that. Self-criticism is not the best way forwards because according to the law of attraction by saying “I am stubborn”, you create a relevant thought-form and the stubbornness will never leave you.

Always use a positive word. The positive adversary of being stubborn is being open and that should be your goal. Focus on the positive trait and ask yourself: “What can I do to improve myself and obtain this trait?”

Benjamin Franklin used to work on his character constantly. He gave himself a week to change a possible fault into a virtue. If you set yourself a similar goal you’ll see how the world changes around you.

It is important to be true to oneself and scan your inner thoughts constantly. Once you notice that you’re judging other people stop immediately. Say “stop!” to yourself and change the negative into the positive by complimenting the person within your inner dialogue. Say to yourself “he is a nice person” or something similar.

By judging you diminish your energy and resistance. Finding faults in others and yourself will eventually translate into physical illness – most commonly skin conditions.

Affirmations can help you tremendously. One of the best things you can say is “I love and accept myself”. In the beginning it won’t be easy but you have to repeat it several dozens of times during the day.

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