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Druid horoscope is one of the alternative zodiac systems of the Western world. It is a result of the old lore of Druids, who based their horoscope around the solar rite and attributed different trees to the wheel of year according to their biorhythms.

It was only with the advance and liberation of modern science that we understood the way druid horoscope works. It is scientifically proven that there is a strong link between your biofield (or subtle body) and that of a tree.

Majority of people will find that they do not get tired after a long walk in the forest. And even if they do, it is a different type of tiredness – almost a healing and invigorating one. You can explain it as a positive effect of biofield of trees. They give you energy and power even if you don’t specifically ask for it. However a person should come to forest with positive thoughts, otherwise the healing energy of the trees won’t be able to reach you.

Using the table of druid horoscope you can determine which tree is the closest to you by finding the corresponding tree to your birth date. Now you can approach that tree and ask for guidance, healing and energy. Remember that you must approach a tree with love and appreciation.

Is it that now you have to follow the druid horoscope and you cannot approach other trees? Of course not! This is a guide only. Use your intuition and choose a tree according to your spontaneous feelings. Today is different from tomorrow and one tree can give you a better answer to a specific question than another tree. You will eventually learn to feel and hear the nature.

Regardless of which tree is yours according to the druid horoscope, there are two trees that you will probably approach more often than others. The oak is a tree of power, however it can only give power to a person who is already strong. Don’t try to get some energy out of oak if you are ill or lack confidence.

A birch is a tree of healing. It can restore poor health and strained nervous system.

To connect with a tree, approach it with love, ask for help, guidance or energy (loud or in thought) and lay your hands gently on its bark. Alternatively you can also lean on to it so that your spine touches the tree. Imagine how positive energy flow is rising from the earth through the tree and you, filling your being with a green stream of life energy.

Fir 2 – 11 January
Elm 12 – 24 January
Cypress 25 January – 3 February
Poplar 4 – 8 February
Kartas 9 – 18 February
Pine 19 – 28/29 February
Willow 1 – 10 March
Lime 11 – 20 March
Oak 21 March
Nutwood 22 – 31 March
Rowan 1 – 10 April
Maple 11 – 20 April
Nut 21 – 30 April
Jasmine 1 – 14 May
Chestnut 15 – 24 May
Ash 25 May – 3 June
Hornbeam 4 – 13 June
Fig 14 – 23 June
Birch 24 June
Apple 25 June – 4 July
Fir 5 – 14 July
Elm 15 – 25 July
Cypress 26 July – 4 August
Poplar 5 – 13 August
Kartas 14 – 23 August
Pine 24 August – 2 September
Willow 3 – 12 September
Lime 13 – 22 September
Olive 23 September
Nutwood 24 September – 3 October
Rowan 4 – 13 October
Maple 14 – 23 October
Nut 24 October – 2 November
Jasmine 3 – 11 November
Chestnut 12 – 21 November
Ash 22 November – 1 December
Hornbeam 2 – 11 December
Fig 12 – 20 December
Beech 21-22 December
Apple 22 December – 1 January

Use this druid horoscope table as a guide only. Just go into a forest or a park, sit on the grass, take some time to meditate and walk amongst the trees. You will feel inkling to approach a certain tree.

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