Good Night Sleep as a Way to Regeneration


Time to get some sleep

Human brain is an amazing mechanism. It enables us to think, feel and analyze, it controls all our body functions and it even has its own clock. Taking care of our brain is very important. Just like hygiene to keep our body in order, brain needs some attention too. The best way to take car of your brain is to allow it a good night sleep.

Human body can regenerate cells, in fact we get a new set of cells (it is a gradual process, of course) every 7 years. However, it is extremely difficult to regenerate neuron cells – if you rob yourself of regular sleep, abuse your body with cigarettes and stress, you’ll notice that your brain starts switching off some functions.

So, when I refer to good night sleep, I’m talking about hours before the midnight. A human body needs to perform a long list of actions to repair and regenerate certain parts.

Around the midnight starts the process of physical regeneration, which is controlled by the brain. If you doze of after the midnight, you brain simply has no time to pamper itself. It can use only the hours before the midnight to have some rest. After that, it will start taking care of your body.

My advice is that you go to sleep at 10 O’clock in the evening. In that case you give your brain two hours rest, which is usually enough. Sleeping after 6 O ‘clock in the morning is fully optional and in my opinion a waste of time because the regeneration stops around the time of the sunrise.

People who get good night sleep before the midnight have a faster perception, they read and understand quicker, their memory is better… and eventually their IQ is higher. Practice of regular sleep also increases the life expectancy.

You might ask, how does the brain know, when is the midnight. This is to do with biorhythms and your biological clock. If you live in a country where they keep the daylight saving routine (the farmer who invented this should be cakefaced) you know that two times during the year your life just gets kicked out of the normal rhythm and you struggle with fatigue and sleepiness for a week or so to get back on the track. That’s the time needed to reset our biological clock.

Einstein Didn’t Sleep

And stop believing the fairytales about famous scientists and writers who allegedly never slept at all. You can burn your life within some 30 – 40 years or you can prologue the pleasure to some 100 years and actually achieve more… just because you have more time.

Besides, can you prove that those scientists actually slept only 5 hours? Have you ever sat by their beds as they slept? History and biographies are great subjects. That’s why so many people indulge themselves in studying history – you can pull all sorts of yadda and nobody can call you a liar.

Just follow the nature’s lore. Our ancestors went to sleep with the sunset and got up very early. They always managed to do all the work in time. You will find that you actually spend less time doing your regular job if you go to sleep before the midnight. There’s nothing to lose and so much to gain. Just try in and let me know how you’re getting on by leaving a comment.

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