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How about some stress management tips? For many of us stress and tension sets the rhythm of our lives not allowing much space for creativity and simple pleasures. It is now acknowledged even by the orthodox science that stress can induce health conditions or make certain conditions worse. From the perspective of medicine, stress worsens the ability of nerves to transmit signals, i.e. our internal organs don’t receive the signals needed for optimal functioning and natural regeneration. It also keeps our muscles tense and flexed thus hampering blood flow and wasting energy.

From the perspective of metaphysics, stress and tension blocks our energetic channels in which case we develop energetic blockages, don’t receive the guidance, lose ability to dream. Energetic blockages result in loss of creativity, weakened intuition and other sorts of nasty things.

So much for the theory, now to stress management tips. The first step to fighting stress is understanding and accepting that we don’t get stress because of stressful situations or nasty people. The source of stress sits in our minds. We put things through our own prism of perception and make choice either to get on top of the situation or start moaning and let the problems rule. There are two types of problems: ones you can solve and ones you cannot. You don’t need to fret about neither. If you know you can solve a problem, don’t worry, keep a cool head and crack on. If you cannot solve that problem ( for example, you cannot stop fuel prices rising) forget about it.

Keep a straight posture and pretend you are looking at the stressful situation from high above. Keeping your spine straight will also ensure your energy flow is not disrupted.

Collect positive thoughts, affirmations and quotes by people who have made impossible possible through their will power. Start a dedicated notebook and read it whenever you hit the down.

Plan your time. Start a diary, plan your day and stick to the plan. Don’t forget about flexibility, though. You don’t want each day to be the same. Set various tasks and tick them off once done. Wasting the time is wasting the energy – it is also one of the biggest causes of stress.

Don’t let the thoughts swarm through your head. If during a day you feel there’s chaos in your brain, start a small mediation session by concentrating on something pleasant for at least 5 minutes. Cut out any stray thought that may occur. Initially it will be difficult. Give it a couple of weeks (providing that you exercise daily) and you’ll see that you can control your thoughts at will.

Try to concentrate on what you’re doing at the moment. Washing dishes? Then concentrate on the dishes, water, kitchen gloves, washing up liquid.

Breathing exercises. Correct breathing provides your brain with oxygen and gives your day a rhythm. Stress doesn’t like the rhythm because it is chaotic. Deep abdominal breathing is a great and simple way to kill stress.

These were the main stress management tips. Know some more? Please log in and add a comment.

Remember, you are stronger than stress. Don’t believe anyone who say otherwise and don’t let destructive energies plaguing the most precious gift you have – your life!

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