Magickal and Healing Attributes of Gems



The healing attributes of gems and precious stones have been known to people for thousands of years. The most primitive spiritual path of people who did the cave paintings already utilized stone effigies to house a spirit or to magnify a thought-form. The oldest stone effigy found by archaeologists is 12,000 years old (found in a Neolithic temple in Sanliurfa, Turkey).

Today we wear precious stones and jewelry largely for vanity purposes; the old civilizations had a different perception of what was important. There was a meaning and a purpose for every gem.

So how do healing attributes of gems work?

A complex structure a mineral (gem) is, it has a certain vibration pre-determined by its chemical compounds, place where it has developed and people it has encountered. Vibration is a form of energy. We are pure energy too, and we have a unique vibration. For the gem to start working, it needs to interact with a person’s energy field. If the two match, both will benefit. If they are not right for each other, either the stone will lose its colour or the energy will harm the owner. That’s why it is very important to choose the right gem, to cleanse and to initiate it before use.

What a Gem Can Do

  • It can interact with chakras (energy centres)
  • You can use it in meditation by placing the stone in front of you and concentrating on its vibration or placing it on the 3rd eye chakra.
  • You can ask for guidance. It will enhance your intuition.
  • It can provide healing. Use the gem to massage the ailing part gently. Don’t forget to clean the stone after intensive use . Use widdershins movements for enhancing and deosil for banishing healing work.

What a Gem Cannot Do

  • It cannot make a decision for you.
  • You cannot use a gem to harm others. Mind the law of attraction.
  • Work constantly, day in day out. Leave it to rest from time to time.
    It will not replace a healthy diet, natural remedies and (the rarer the better) occasional visit to a doc.

There are many ways to acquire gems, however, the best working gems find their owners in a special way. There is nothing wrong in buying gems, you just must not spend an even amount for it. If the seller, for example, asks £20 for a gem, try to leave a penny behind so that it makes an odd number. You can of course consult a list to find out which stone matches your zodiac, however it would be wrong to reject a stone that “jumps” at you or feels so right.

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