12 Steps of Visualization


12 Steps

Visualization is the ability to see something in your mind that is not there for real. But not only to see. Use of visualization was common among shamans too. It is worth to look at their experience to understand the meaning of it. Shamans taught that a person must learn not only to see the object but make it alive – to smell, touch, taste and hear the object – to imagine it as a whole and feel that it is real.

What stands behind visualization? Our eyes do not actually see the object as they are closed. We see through our brain. Nerve impulses are sent to the brain. It is the brain that translates these impulses to images. Visualization is very important for people who wish to make magick. You won’t make a successful spell if you can’t visualize. As you know – the thought can materialize. If you wish for something and visualize it as if it was real, that something will eventually come to you in your real life.

Now let’s look at some exercises that will help you on your road to visualization. Find yourself a place where you wouldn’t be disturbed, dim the light, sit down with comfort, close your eyes and calm your mind for a while.
Attention! To learn visualization well remember never to imagine yourself. You must not see yourself from aside. All you see you see through your mind eye. In visualization you are the central point not a part of the scene.

The Exercises

1. We insist that you begin with a very simple exercise. A sheet of paper. Imagine a white sheet of paper before your eyes. Can you see it? Now change it’s colour to blue. Play with the colours. When you succeed, move forth.

2. Now let’s draw a shape on the sheet. Let’s take a circle. A white sheet and a circle drawn on it. Now change the colour of the circle. When you succeed, move forth. Do not rush in! When you can make these simple exercises, stick to them for a couple of days – let the skill soak up. Don’t hurry through the rest of exercises.

3. Let’s make it a bit harder. Now let’s play with combinations of colours. White sheet – red circle blue sheet – greet circle, etc. When you succeed, move forth.

4. Now let’s take an object. Imagine an apple. See how it’s peel is shining, see the redness. Take it in your hand. Roll it, examine it’s surface. Do you see any spots? To help yourself with this exercise you may want to take a real apple before taking to this exercise and let your mind to soak up it’s image. When you succeed, move forth.

5. Take to a more difficult exercise. Try to visualize a group of objects. Put this apple on a plate and find that the plate is on a table. When you succeed, move forth.

6. Now we can try to imagine surroundings. Start in your own room. You know everything in this room, don’t you? As you sit on your chair with your eyes shut, imagine that you are watching around the room. See the furniture, see all the objects. You will not be able to see your room in your first attempt. Don’t worry. Everyone can learn visualization but we learn at different speeds. It is OK! When you succeed, move forth.

7. When you can visualize your room, stand up from your chair and move out. Examine other rooms in your house but do not go out of your house. Everything has it’s proper time. When you succeed, move forth.

8. Walk out of the door. Walk down your street. See the buildings, see the trees, the sky. When you succeed, move forth.

9. Return to your street. Now add some moving objects. See a bird, see a person walking by, watch the cars on the road. When you succeed, move forth.

10. Let’s make it more vivid. Get back to the first exercise – again a white sheet. Change it’s colour to blue, feel the presence of the sea. Smell the air, hear the waves crushing, hear the seagulls. When you can sense it, combine it with a picture – look at the sea and sharpen all your senses: smell, hear, touch – make it real! When you succeed, move forth.

11. Now your skills are quite impressing. You are ready to add creativity to your exercises. Imagine a place where you want to be. Create a forest of your dream. You can even paint the trees in a colour you wish. See a bird – it is a strange one, it exists only in your imagination. Using your visualization you can travel through space, visit the Underworld etc. Be creative!

12. Now all you do is strengthen your visualization skills. It’s wise to practice visualization at least a couple of times per week. As any of skills visualization can slip away if not working with it.

Remember that practice is what makes you progress!

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