Anger Management Techniques

Read about anger management and learn why you need to count to ten.
Let me first ask you what do you think anger is? As a matter of fact any kind of anger is a bad spell. It is the dose of negative energy, which infects you and those around you. Although to be angry – is human. The art of anger management is to learn to release the negaive energy without harming anyone. It is just to let off the steam. Easier said than done? Yes it is.

There are a lot of different anger management techniques but only two have proved to be working. We call it: Walkaway technique and Count to ten technique.

The both ways are easy to implement and they can be used simultaneously. The Walkaway means to leave the scene of “battle”, to avoid the source of anger. For example, you are talking with a person and your conversation turns in a negative way. You feel that you are going to burst in anger. All you do is say: “Lets discuss this topic when both of us get calm” and just walk away. Pause the conversation to 5 minutes and return to it when you feel calm. You will be surprised about the results.

The other technique is Count to ten. You have probably heard of or even used this technique. Did not work for you? Change the approach! Let us think about it this way: it is a special kind of simple and short meditation. What is a meditation? An exercise of concentrating your mind to a certain object. The object of this exercise is to reach number Ten. Do not think about anything else, do not think about anger, do not think about the insult. Your goal is just to reach 10. It is 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10. Count slowly, breath deeply. After you count to ten, you will find the anger flying away. A wonderful feeling of freedom.
I suggest that you use Walkaway anger management technique and Count to ten simultaneously. This will make you a happy person and you will see your relationships improved.

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