How Domesticated and Urban Creatures have lost their Intuition


Domesticated Creatures

Intuition is one of the senses given to living creatures by the Goddess and the God (Nature, Universe – call it as you wish). It is the sixth sense and as important, if not superior, as all other senses (Sight, Hearing, Taste, Smell and Touch). Unfortunately, following false teachings that attributed intuition to demonic forces and due to consequent urbanization, we have lost what we once had.

Do you want me to prove that intuition is as natural as it can be? Take wild animals for example. Several hours before flooding, tsunamis and earthquakes majority of wild birds and animals leave the danger zone. How do they know? Intuition! When forest animals happen to be ill, they know which plant to eat to make it better.

How do they know without using a herbal encyclopedia? Intuition again! They have maintained the connection with the nature. You will never find a wild animal poisoned with a dangerous plant or mushroom. It can tell geed from bad. Now, is it demonic? No, it is 100% natural.

What about domestic animals? If you let cows graze in a pasture contaminated with black locust, it is very likely that the cows will be dead. It is very easy to poison a dog. They too have almost lost their intuition. Domestication has spoiled animal and led it away from the nature rhythms.

A human is even more vulnerable. If offered a choice of food, we will pick the one that’s bad for our health. From two possible matches we will choose relationship that almost certainly leads to divorce.

Our urbanized lifestyle has closed the bond we once had with the Universe, we have lost our intuition. The good news is that we are theoretically able to restore our intuition by training. As we do work-out to strengthen the muscles, we can train the intuition.

The easiest way to start is to accept your inner voice and to learn to tell it apart from the voice of doubt. How many times have you exclaimed: “I know it would happen!” Now, if you knew, why didn’t you take action? Because you were not confident about your intuition.

Make a record in a note-book each time you have an inner feeling about something. It can be as simple a question as: “Hey, is it going to rain tomorrow?” Was your inner voice right? Do you feel a difference when your intuition is spot on? Try to catch the slightest variations within the way you feel. Restoring an intuition is a hard task, yet by overcoming the “mental blindness” and gaining your sixth sense back, you will achieve a better quality of life.

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