Fear of Consequences as a Driving Force

I just started thinking why there are certain situations in life when people manage to steer out of trouble while in other situations the same people just keep failing and failing. Looking back to the historical facts, you will find that many common people have been able to accomplish super-human deeds.

We all want to be successful, rich, happy, etc. but when it comes to achieving our dreams it all somehow disappears into thin air. What is it? A lack of confidence or we just don’t concentrate on it strongly enough? I mean, when you live on $50 a day and you know you would love to earn $500 a day, you probably aren’t determined badly enough. There are people in developing countries who live on $5 a day or less. And they still manage to carry on. In other words, there is no limit of how less or how much you can earn; you would still survive. What is this that I want to say? Wanting is not enough. Well, maybe you can use these ideas in you Wicca money spells.

I know many university students and I have been a student some time ago. Why majority of students (even stupid and lazy ones) manage to pass their exams? Because of the fear of the consequences. In my university two failed exams meant losing a student allowance, three fails – start the semester all over again. I have never failed a single exam in my life even on subjects I knew nothing about. Apart from that, my student life was miserable. If I was a superhuman on my exam days, why couldn’t I make a difference in my private life or money matters? Because I wasn’t determined enough, I didn’t concentrate my energy on achieving my goals. I just wanted and wanted. Here comes the wise bit: a want is a void, a want is a minus. Wanting something means filling the Universe with negative energy. The easiest way to achieve something is to believe you already have it. Thank the Universe in advance. If you are homeless, thank the Universe for the house “you have” and you’ll see how it responds.

Does it sound stupid? Oh, good. You can carry on “wanting” if after years of failure you still believe it works. 😛 You may wonder what does this all have to do with Wicca. Well, I think Wicca is not just about spell-casting. It is about making sense of your own life and helping others to find the essence…

I once read a newspaper, there was this article about a woman whose child climbed over a balcony and she managed to grab him in the moment he had already started to fly down. Alas, she found herself hanging in just one arm, holding her child with another. It was the 6th floor and it took almost 2 hours for someone to spot her and get the help. She and her child were safely removed from the balcony in the end.

What was that? She new the consequences. If she lets go, her child is dead. She just couldn’t afford to do anything else but holding on while the help arrives. She eliminated the element of doubt!

Let’s imagine that you have an awful fear of height and you have a relative who suffers from a life-threatening disease. The only way to get the cure is to climb the mountains. There is no other way. Consequences? Your relative would die if you succumb to your fear. What happens? You climb the mountain, because you have to do it. You eliminate the doubts.

I am not advising you to develop fear of consequences or any other fear. It’s just that you can use these examples to develop the right mind set for problem solving. It is a method of putting out all the doubts you might have. There are no tricks. You just don’t doubt. How can anything you don’t believe in come true? If you start an enterprise and constantly think to yourself: “Ah, it’s no good, it won’t be successful” how can you expect it to bring you any money? Think positively and thank in advance!

I would really love to hear your comments. What methods do you use to achieve your goals?

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