From Visualization To Lucidity

A lot of books have been written about having lucid dreams and they surely can lead us to the right path. But instead of turning another hundred of pages let yourself to the wonderful idea that the key to the lucid world is inside of you. Imagination. Visualization. The skill to depict the things which are not there for real. We can close our eyes and create a simple object of imagination or even a sophisticated fantasy scene.

Visualization lies within the basics of every magick practice but visualization is not a thing from the world of paranormal – anyone can master it just with a little effort, practice and patience. I’m sure you already can do a little of visualization . You just have to work on it for a while to make it perfect.

But how can visualization help to achieve lucid dreams? Many of the previously heard methods are good and it’s worth to stick with them but let us come up with something new. This method consists of four main steps:

1. STEP: Recalling a dream. In order to start experiencing lucid dreams you have to master your common every-night dreaming. If someone says he never dreams at night he is wrong – he just can’t remember anything. The key-point is the intention – you must have a strong intention before going to sleep to remember everything you would dream. I keep on iterating that you should have a dream journal where you write down your dreams. Keep the records chronologically because as time goes by you will notice that in the dreams you sometimes return to a place you already have seen – then you’ll be able to draw links between dreams to get to know your dream-world better.

2. STEP: Write down the dream and explore it. Each morning wake up and put your mind together to remember the most of your dreams. Take your journal and write them down. Remember that your dreams really matter! It’s not just pointless images of your subconscious mind. Dreams can be helpful – they can bring you a glimpse of future, warn you or teach you.

3. STEP: Return to the dream while you are awake. Find some 15 minutes during a day to return to your dreams again. Have a place where you will not be disturbed, sit down, relax, read the recent record from your dream journal or anything from previous days. Pick any dream you like, read it a couple of times and try to gain back the feeling of it. Close your eyes and pretend that you are back in this particular dream. Explore the scene. Let your imagination free – recreate the dream scene and add any objects or persons you like. For example, you recently dreamed about roaming a castle. Get back to the castle. It’s more likely that you won’t remember much of it. So you can imagine a passage, a door, open it, walk inside, look around.

4. STEP: Prepare for the night. In the evening go to sleep having an intention to return to the dream you recreated that day. Put away all thoughts and concerns. Just concentrate to the dream and think you want to get back to this dream again. It probably won’t happen in the first night. Have an effort. Stick to this dream and do the visualization exercise every day. One morning you will find that you have been inside this dream again. This is the entrance to the world of lucidity. Keep on doing the exercise and soon you will be able to intervene in your dreams. Good luck!

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