Practical Aspects of Wiccan Elements

Now that you have learned about the Elements, I’d like to give you some thoughts of how to use this knowledge. As you may find from our Herbal section, each herb is associated with a certain Element. Also each type of illness links to an Element.

Air Element helps to heal following body parts: shoulders, arms and legs, lungs and respiration and kidneys. If your have an Air Element disbalance you may perceive a nervous exhaustion, panic, headache, gas, bronchitis, heart problems, neuralgia, and leg cramps. Balanced Air gives you a sense of love, devotion, and compassion.

Fire Element helps to heal following body parts: head; solar plexus; thighs. Fire imbalance shows headache, eye disorders, digestive disorders, liver problems, pain and weakness of the legs.

An excess of Fire Element results in constant nervous stress and eventually a person can burn out! Unbalanced Fire shows as anger and resentment. Well-balanced Fire shows forgiveness and enthusiasm.

Water Element helps to heal following body parts: breasts, genitals, feet. Imbalances of Water show as breast tenderness and lumps, skin, menstrual, prostate problems and foot and back pain. Balanced Water describes a peaceful and relaxed person. Unbalance of Water tends to attachment to worldly things.

Earth Element helps to heal following body parts: neck, bowels and knees. Balanced Earth means strong bones, active assimilation and elimination, and flexible neck and spine. Unbalanced Earth gives fear and phobia, neck (spine) stiffness and weak bones (osteoporosis). Balanced Earth is courage and contentment.

To heal diseases corresponding to a certain Element use a herb, which also correspond to it. For example, clover tea (Air) can help you heal kidney problem, pine (Air) is good for respiration problems.

Do you have an excess of some Element or they are unbalanced? You can solve this problem easily. An excess of Fire can be healed with Water; Water with Fire. An excess of Air can be healed with Earth; Earth with Air.



Use visualization and meditation to bring elements into balance. To “put out” the Fire, close your eyes, imagine yourself swimming in a cool, clean water. To deal with the excess Water, imagine seeing a cauldron of water on a fire. See the water evaporating from the cauldron. To release the weight of Earth, imagine yourself floating above the clouds, fell the flow of Air. If there’s too much of Air within you, imagine your body lying on the ground, soak up the energy of Earth.

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