The Era of Consuming

We’d like to share some insights on ecology for you to think about it. The future of the Earth is in our own hands. And for us it is to decide which way to go. Let’s look at the processes in the Nature. It’s surprisingly but there are only two types of creatures who deliberately destroy their environment – virus and… a human.
Think for yourself: a virus penetrates a certain area, reproduces, consumes the resources and finally destroys the area. Doesn’t a human sometimes act the same way?

A human always tries to expand. Could he really be an invader from outer space to act in the opposite way other creatures do? Everything on the Earth – may it be a flock of wolves, a swarm of midges or a simple drop of oil – tends to concentrate, to take less place, to use less resources. . Wy are we expanding? Why are we devastating the Nature to expand our cities?

Another aspect – the natural selection – a process we have all heard about – is turning into unnatural selection. The natural predator kills the weakest from potential preys. Thus it executes the natural selection – only strong species survive. A human – the most dangerous predator of all – always picks the healthiest prey. He needs the biggest chicken, the fattest pig etc. Is it really this bad? You are a part of the Nature not the owner of it. Do something!

And the answer is in spending. We must give not only take. We must burn down the excess energy we have kept accumulating through our lives. Eat only this what is good for you, use your energy for learning, working and physical exercises! Keep the order! Maybe it’s worth to start with your own room and the yard?

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