The Insight Through Fun

If we looked back at the history of human spirituality, we see that most believers have tried to reach the insight through pain, sorrow and ascetics.

Let’s investigate it a little bit deeper. If you are reading this, I accept that you have heard about how important is to think positively. In fact you must be an entirely positive being to succeed. From your head to your feet. Let me put it this way � you must be positive both consciously and unconsciously.

Can you be entirely positive if you punish yourself all the time? Can you be entirely positive if you do not eat food that is good for you, if you wear gown that leaves you cold and makes you look bad? No way! You must enjoy this life, celebrate this life. Listen to your body and to your soul – your inner self will tell you the right way.

Reach the insight through game and fun. See the world as your own playground, as a meadow full of beautiful flowers. Breathe the sweet air, breathe the love and spread it all around!

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I am a solitary wiccan from Bournemouth, Great Britain.