What is Wicca

Wicca is a spiritual path based on the old traditions of the belief of our ancestors. Wicca is the celebration of Life, Nature and Love. It is the appreciation of the wonderful world we live in.
The main goal of every wiccan is reaching the Harmony. The Harmony means being in tune with the Universe; to hold the Universe within and to be included into the Universe making the whole one. To simplify it: the Harmony may be reached via sharing the Love. The first step to the Harmony is a positive thought. Smile and the world will smile back!

Wicca is not only a belief system and a spiritual path to the Harmony, it is also a science that teaches a healthy lifestyle, a positive way of thinking, a respectful attitude towards material and immaterial creatures and a certain set of actions for healing and modelling the future.

Wicca is a very liberal path. Each wiccan develops his own way of thinking and belief. The main Gods of Wicca is the Goddess (Lady) and the God (Lord). They are the feminine and the masculine source of life, the dual spirit of Creation. Every wiccan worships the Goddess and the God but there are wiccans who also worship other gods and spirits.

Is Wicca a religion? Do you want me to say Yes? I will say No. Each religion is a little bit of fanatism and a whole lot of dogmas. Wicca is absolutely free from dogmas and wiccans are not fanatics. Do you really need a religion behind you to feel strong? How about the strength you carry within your soul? Wicca is a lifestyle. It is a way of thinking and living. A path of responsibility and harmony!

People often think that if there is a God involved, then there is always a certain religion. Did God create religions? Of course NOT!!! Religions were created by humans. There is Goddess and there is God and a little piece of them inside ourselves and each creature. Forget about religion, think about the way to improve yourself and the world around you!

The traditions of the spiritual path now known as Wicca are born in the territory of Ireland and Scotland and are about 30000 years old. In the medieval age the Craft of the Wise was almost wiped out. Christians accused so called pagans preaching the satan and burned the priests on bonfires. It was the 20th century that saw the revival of Wicca.

We are in no way connected with satanism. We do not worship satan. Actually the satan is a person of Bible-based religions which are some 28000 years younger than the basics of modern Wicca. Still we do not grieve over the history. We must be thankful for every day of the Past and the Future! Now our task is to cultivate the old lores and teach them to our children. Understanding the humanity and the Nature will help us avoiding the ecological and the social crisis.

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