Is Wicca Paranormal or Normal



Many people outside the Craft and even some Wicca practitioners tend to associate Wicca with paranormal things. If we just follow dry facts of Newtonian and Darwinian perspectives on science, it may really occur that Wicca is paranormal because the definition says that paranormal are all things and phenomena of physical and non-physical character that lack an obvious scientifically based explanation.

Well, how can you write a formula to calculate positive thinking? Can we include the Law of Attraction in a physics book. Can you measure the frequency of telepathy? Nevertheless, even the most canonical scientists will have to admit that telepathy exists, the soul exists, there are ghosts and spirits and there are many things beyond the modern science.

So what about Wicca? Most wiccans I know, don’t chase ghosts and so called phenomena, although they are aware that these things do exist.

I have heard an opinion that wiccans believe in paranormal, that’s why they’re associated with paranormal.
I would like to say that wiccans believe in things normal. It is completely normal to meditate, to develop the skills of telepathy, to develop intuition, to learn lucid dreaming in order to widen one’s horizon. These are normal things that were perceived as normal by our ancestors. There are lots of cultural evidence to support that. Eventually people lost their normal abilities.

Why did that happen? Well, one of the most credible theories is that people accumulated negativity and the Universe closed our sixth sense in order to save the manhood from self-destruction. Imagine if we would be able to kill with a help of thoughts. There are, however, people that have retained their natural abilities. Fortunately they would never use their power to perform negative deeds. Do you want to tap into the (para)normal energy source of our ancestors? The answer is positivity. Prove you can make a difference and the Universe will respond.

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