Use Associative Immagination in Writing Wicca Spells


Colours and Associations

It is OK to use Wicca spells written by other people but sooner or later you will find that you enjoy more freedom and possibilities by sometimes writing you own Wicca spells.

You have to remember that the words you say and items you use simply serve as manifestation of your intent.

A successful spell is just a thought that has been materialized.

There’s no magick involved. It is similar to a focused prayer. Click here to read about why spells work.

To write your own Wicca spells, you may use items and colours traditionally used or you can create your own ways. The easiest way is to use associations. Take a sheet of paper and write down in a column all usual reasons for performing spells: love, cleansing, banishing, money etc. Now, next to each reason, writ your association. Don’t overthink it – write on impromptu, grabbing the first thing that springs to your mind. Many people associate banishing and getting rid of things with a broom. That’s why many wiccans use brooms in banishing spells. Is this your case too? What is the first thing that comes to YOUR mind when I say banishing?

It is inside your mind that makes the spell work. If the colour chart says maroon candles are used for love spells but you feel that you associate love with green colour, by all means use green candles for your love spells. It is important that you concentrate on what you feel and how you see things. Don’t perform Wicca spells just for sake of “doing magick”. Because, as I said, there is no magick – it’s just how the Universe is designed – you charge it with your energy (spell, thought, affirmation) and if it has been focused enough, you will see the result. It will take time, effort and the result may a bit different than the one you’ve intend, but there WILL be a result. Feel free to experiment with Wicca spells but always remember that you must not abuse the Power. Never use a spell to harm anyone, including yourself.

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